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* Deposit is Non-Refundable. Please be sure of adding the puppy as a family member before you put a deposit and make the commitment.  

* Deposit is good for 7 days to reserve the initial puppy. After 7 days, the puppy is no longer reserved, if not paid in full. (Please speak to our representative for further details.)

Rolly teacup puppies only uploads the puppy we have on hand. We do NOT use photoshop to visually alter the appearance of the puppy. We are also against using a stock photo to give the wrong impression of the actual puppy you will receive.


Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio

Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio; We appreciate you visiting our website. Although we are not specialize in breeding Teacup maltipoo, Our recognized and reputable breeders work together with our distinguished veterinarians in collaboration to maintain the good health of all the puppies. Our care team members have exceptional experience to give our pups at the shop the greatest care.

Our veterinarians consistently keep our pups in excellent health and condition until a guardian receives their puppy. We are proud to say that we “home-raise” all of our puppies. We are members of groups and organizations devoted to teacup puppies and are registered with the AKC.

Our smaller-than-average Teacup maltipoo pups are available for purchase. Technically speaking, they are not a distinct breed or anything of the type. Instead, they are “teacup” or “micro”-sized little Maltipoo. When fully mature, these canines are often only 6′′ tall and 3 pounds in weight. Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio

Maltipoo Puppies for sale near me

Puppies of the Maltipoo breed are kind, charming, and excellent companion animals. Compared to other toy dog breeds, they are healthier and adapt well to most living conditions.

Puppies of the Maltipoo breed are very active and require a lot of human interaction to prevent harmful behavior. Spending time with a Maltipoo is the finest thing an owner can do for it.

Additionally, your new puppy will want a comfortable sleeping area with easy access to clean water. In order to stop curious pups from poking their noses in places they shouldn’t, owners should also take efforts to puppy-proof their residence. Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio

This well-known hybrid is made up of a Maltese and a Poodle. These cute dogs are well-known for being playful, loyal, and friendly, and they make ideal companions for many sorts of households. They come in a range of hues and are intelligent and rapid learners. The Maltipoo will entice you to take off your socks so that you may keep your toes toasty by curling up on your feet.

What results from breeding a cute, playful Maltipoo with a perceptive, endearing Miniature Poodle? Of course, I’m talking about the unique, lovable, and eager-to-please Maltipoo. Maltipoos blend the greatest qualities of two exceptional breeds that are both renowned for their intellect, loyalty, and outgoing personalities. Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio

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Maltipoo Puppies for sale in San Antonio