Good Afternoon,
We have been extremely happy to add Akthar (ricky) to our family and I have you guys to thank for.
He is extremely well behaved, we joke he must be a robot (so tiny and cute) and obedient. He already learned to potty in spot and the game fetch and paw.
Truly thank you for your great service and hope if we ever get another pup or family/friend is considering we will see you then.
The instructions have been extremely helpful and clear. He came extremely healthy as we had the first Vet check up and is ready to go on be loved and learn what life has to offer. If you would like to post anything from he’s feed you are welcome to any time. Thank you infinity and hope you guys have the best of luck.

Akthar – Pomsky

We found the Rolly Teacup Puppies website while searching for small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders.  We immediately loved the size and appearance of their puppies!  However, buying a puppy online without meeting the puppy or the breeder in person can be a very intimidating experience. 

Rolly did an excellent job of answering all our questions and concerns before purchasing our puppy.  Whenever we messaged them, they always responded immediately.  When we saw the video of the Blenheim Cavalier named Bella on Instagram, we fell in love. 

The purchasing process was straightforward and again, every time we had a question/concern, Rolly responded immediately and appropriately.  We also requested to video chat with our puppy prior to her arrival, and that was arranged and was very exciting!  When she arrived at the airport, she was extremely energetic and playful, even after the lengthy plane ride! 

Our vet was concerned about us ordering a puppy online, but at her first appointment (2 days after her arrival), he was pleasantly surprised to find a healthy and happy puppy who had all the appropriate paperwork and vaccinations, including a functioning microchip! 

She is now named Deja and is perfectly healthy, intelligent, and interactive.  She is almost 6 months old and weighs 3.3 pounds.  We highly recommend Rolly Teacup Puppies and are so thankful!  We love Deja, and she is absolutely perfect! ~ Breanna and Angelica Aldred

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Bella – K. Charles

From Mr. Shaw, 
New home for Olive, now Tyson
April, Jude and I would like to thank you for the best, most honest service ever. everything you promised, you delivered on, and even more. the flight from Korea was easy on Tyson, and the pick up and customs took 10 minutes. everywhere we go, Tyson is talk of the town, even the vet and his staff were blown away by how sweet and cuddly she is. Tyson is everything you said she would be, and more. i was once scammed and was worried, as not to be scammed a second time. you and Rolly are more than honest, and a pleasure to deal with. you can post my phone number so I can tell everyone how great you and Rolly teacup puppies are. i can never thank you enough.

From Ms. Hochschild,
New Home for Nala
The first time I found Rolly Teacup Puppies I was in love with the puppies, their size, their cuteness, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. When I finally decided to get one of their puppies I didn’t believe they were real. I bought I micro pomsky named Nala and with her pictures I fell in love. Everything from their service to their dogs are out of this world and I couldn’t be happier. When she finally arrived to Peru I thought she would be really tired after 2 days of travelling, on the contrary she was energyzed amd couldnt wait to explore her new home. And even after they delivered her they were supper concered for her and answered my questions with outstanding patience and I couldn’t be happier with my baby she is the most beutiful thing I have ever seen and she is super fun!


Nala – Pomsky

From Garcia family, review submitted on 02/08/2018
New home for Kiwi
Dear all,

I would like to add the following review on your website about my dog Kiwi (maltese):

“Dear future owner of a Rolly pup, if you’re reading these lines, I can tell you I’ve been there before, reading for months every single review on the company and searching all kind of information about the puppies.

At the beginning I thought: too good to be true. I was sure it was a scam. But then I started finding real customers on IG with super cute and healthy dogs. Anyway, it took months until I decided to adopt Kiwi.

What I expected to find when I picked him up at the airport: an exhausted scared puppy, not trusting new people, probably sick, probably not that cute as in the pictures, not that small, and I even thought it could easily be another different puppy (not easy to know when they grow so fast).

What I actually found: the cutest dog I’ve seen in my life (for real), very small, very sweet, playful, confident, healthy and really easy going. He was beyond my expectations, which were high, also considering the high price I payed for him. I couldn’t be happier with this decision.”

Thanks for giving me the dog of my dreams, you’ve made me really happy! I promise to love him and take care of him forever!

Best regards,


Kiwi – Maltese

From Bae family,
New home for Coco (Ace)
Coco (previously named Ace) is the most wonderful puppy. He is super playful ,energetic & extremely tiny, as of today he is only 2.5 pounds full grown. Thanks Rolly n please find him a girlfriend soon 😘😘


Coco – Yorkie

From Jason & Yoori
New home for Roy
Hello April & Brian,

Onyx arrived in great condition, health and spirits today. We named her Lucy. We followed your instructions exactly and she’s doing great.

We just wanted to say thank you for our Rolly Pup!

With Best Regards,
Jason & Yoori

Roy – Pomeranian

From Ms. Attias
New Home for Cannoli
I want to thank Rolly Teacup Puppies, and their very helpful team for the best addition to my family. Cannoli is a beautiful, warm, and precious puppy. My dreams have come true when I received her. Cannoli is my first puppy from Rolly Teacup Puppies, but I will be back for a second. I recommend anyone to purchase from them, you won’t be disappointed.

Cannoli – Poodle

From Ms. Ji
Juju (Joey) has been nothing short of amazing. She was everything we wanted and is an amaing addition to our family. Her hillarious personality never fails to brighten up our day. Juju (Joey) from the day we got and still is a fluff of happiness!

Juju – Poodle

From Ms. Tokunaga
New home for Talisa (Vermouth)
I am really happy to receive Vermouth as our new addition to the family member. At first my mom isn’t the type of person who likes animals but she got along well with Vermouth very well. 

Although, we were struggling lots because of the high price. After some ruckus we are now happy to have her. Our review may be different from others. 

Vermouth got along with everyone real fast, even with other dogs. She is very friendly to everyone and simply asks everyone to play with her.

For a friendly and happy puppy, I will highly recommend Rollypups.

Talisa – Pomeranian

From Ms. Fu
New home for Pearl
Thank you soooooooo much for giving so precious gift to me! I love her so much! Thank you 🙂 here are some pictures of her, I hope you like~


Pearl – Maltese

From Ms. Nguyen
New home for Princess Peach

I’ve been following rollyteacup for a while and I finally bit the bullet and decided on a puppy, it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

First of all, the hardest part of the entire process was picking out which puppy I wanted since all of them are extremely adorable. After that everything was smooth sailing, you get all the info of the airline cargo, info how to take care of your pup and Bryan and April we’re so helpful even after your puppy arrives.

When I got her, she was extremely happy and you can tell she is so well behaved. She already trained to go pee on her pee mat, she doesn’t cry and she has the best personality!

I couldn’t have asked for a more precious puppy than my Snow White! (Aka cotton)

P. Peach – Pomeranian

From Mr. & Mrs. Melum,
New home for Max

We are obsessed with Max! He is the cutest puppy in the world, we can’t even make it down the street without being stopped by everyone we pass asking to take a picture with him. We were a bit nervous about the process at first since we special ordered Max but had not actually met him in person.

Rolly was extremely helpful in answering any questions we had very promptly and were very responsive and professional. We were worried about the long flight to NYC, but when we picked up Max from the airport he was so happy to see us and wagging his tail ready to play. He is wonderful, adorable and has an amazing personality, and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. We give Rolly a 5 star review! 

Max – K. Charles

From Ms. Glenda, 

New home for Lucy

I am writing this letter to let the doubters know, Rolly Pups, Inc, is the real deal.  Just like you, I saw the most adorable puppies for sale, all over the Internet.  I started to follow a couple of sellers online.  Puppies look a lot alike when they are babies which makes it difficult to catch a breeder using pictures from another site or reusing the same picture over and over.  During my search Rolly Pups took action to prove they are legitimate by posting their business licence.  I searched and searched for a customer complaint, which I found regarding many other sellers, but none against Rolly Pups.  I was taking my time searching because the price for one of these special dogs happens to be especially high for the common person, like me.  It just so happens that my 14 year old Yorkie developed prostate cancer and we had to put him down. Two days later my mother’s 15 yr old dog, which was in my care, also had to be put down.  Then unfortunately my mother passed away a month later.  let’s just say I was completely depressed.  The one thing that put a smile on my face was looking at the adorable videos Rollypups uploads. 
With all that said,  my 28 year old daughter was very concerned that i was impulse buying and that i would be taken advantage of during my stress. So she contacted April, questioned her to death, and came away with a video  chat with not one, but two other people who recently purchased a pup from Rolly.  Seeing them at home with their own dogs, and talking about their experiences really put an end to all doubts and we happily went through the process ourselves. 
I  cant thank April enough for hanging in there while we went through the process and asked a million questions.  In the end,  we picked up our very healthy and happy little princess from the airport and every day since had been a blessing.   She is very healthy and real. 
Lisa Gepner-Palmere
you can find me on Facebook with pictures of Luna (formally Lucy)

Lucy – Maltese

From Mr. Wang,
New home for Fifi

OMG I finally got my french bulldog. I special ordered her. After I paid the deposit for April to look for a frenchie for me, I was so concerned that since I already paid 1000 she will just find what ever dog and sell me or just simply disappear. Every day waiting for her to find my dog I was worried and expecting to tell her no this is not what I want. 2 weeks later April told me she found me a frenchi girl, when I saw the video she sent me, OMG this is exactly what I want, even better ! I was more than happy. I confirm with April I want this dog and named her Fifi.

Today picking her up at SFO was easier than I expected. April and Bryan already told me everything that I need to do and had the Korean air cargo agent called me. The agent told me all the details from where he located to what time I should be there. Bryan also proved me all the detail information that I need to track my puppy. Everything was so easy.

I already had some “wow” effect at the cargo office. All the workers asked me what is this dog? They have never seen a frenchi this small. And yes Fifi is tiny but super energetic ! She’s a perfect dog ! I don’t think I can get a better dog than her ! She looks healthy and strong at 4 month old !

Thank you April and Bryan ! I had an amazing experience! If anyone wants a special dog, this is where to look for.

Fifi – French

From Ms. Glenda,
New home for Juliet

Thank you April for our little baby juliet, now ARYA🐶👑
We are delighted with her, she is gorgeous, healthy, tiny but with a big personality (she thinks she is a lion running and jumping around the house)
She sure have brought a lot of happines  to our home.
From the very beginning we received a first class service, all the process was impecable, since we contact you until now with your advises.

Juliet – Pomeranian

From Ms. Monroy,
New home for Taki
Thank you Rolly TeaCup Puppies for trusting the CUTEST energetic, lovable, playful, friendly puppy to us!
From the first day we contacted RollyPups, the attention and service was very special.
I had one thousand questions (maybe more) and they were all answered promptly.
At the pick up time (2:00AM) I was being texted by RollyPups and asked to write back at anytime to find out how he had arrived.
You could tell he was socialized in a friendly way.
Our puppy loved all the attention he got on our way home; people stopped me at the airport and asked to pet and take pictures of him.
I know for a fact that another customer feels this way: the pictures and videos RollyPups post, don’t show how amazingly cute the puppies are… when I saw mine, it was love at first sight!
He is so energetic and has the puppy bitting going on; so we have to be on top of him all day long, but its so worth it!! They take the buying/shipping/post-arriving process so seriously, you can tell they love dogs! If we ever buy another puppy, we would contact Rolly TeaCups again without doubt!!! ❤❤❤

Taki – Shiba

From Mr. Espinosa
New home for Junior the Pomeranian
I purchased my first teacup Pomeranian from Rolly Teacups and I couldn’t be be any more pleased. Great service and communication was provided ensuring that the puppy was in good health and in fact, the best choice for me. Not only did Rolly Teacups make sure the puppy was sent comfortably and punctually, they even followed up making sure Junior was still in good health. Overall, the service was excellent and helped me effectively manage my first puppy!

As for Junior, he is by the far the cutest and most playful puppy I have ever seen. Junior is intelligent and just as tiny as expected. I am beyond satisfied and he’s a great addition to the family. I would recommend Rolly for ANYONE looking to purchase a high class teacup puppy!

Junior – Pomeranian

From Ms. Funderburk
New home for Blake the Pug
I first looked locally for a teacup pug but had no luck.
So I reluctantly began looking online which I was very uneasy about.
Sent out some emails but the only reply I received was on a teacup Pomeranian. 
I only communicated with this person through email – never got a phone number to talk to them. I agreed to buy one of their puppies until they said they wanted funds sent via Western Union. That halted it then and there as that’s a sign of fraud. It must’ve been because I never heard anymore from them.
Finally, I found Rolly and saw “Blake” and fell in love instantly when I saw his video! 😍 Seriously felt like it was too good to be true. But I took the plunge anyway and called the phone number on the website and crossed my fingers.
April answered my call as well as a few questions I had for her. Funny, but I was totally at ease with BUYING A PUPPY FROM KOREA!!!  I couldn’t even do that in the states!  As soon as I hung up with her I put a deposit down on Blake. Within a minute of my deposit she snapshotted him being reserved to me.
She even provided me with references of which I did call after the fact of placing the deposit. Both references spoke highly of Rolly and the whole process. April and I were in contact by text and phone calls until it came time for shipping then it was Bryan who was just as nice and understanding. Bryan contacted me the night before Blake was to come home verifying we were ready for his arrival.
What impressed me the most was that Bryan and I were in constant communication through text the whole morning of Blake’s arrival until I had him in my hands. He even followed the tracking on Blake’s plane with me. I feel that they really do care about their fur babies. Blake looked cuter than he did in his video!  Blake was excited to see us as we were to see him. He had lots of kisses for us.
Blake’s name is Poco now which fits him perfectly. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Rolly (and April and Bryan).  You guys have an awesome team.  I am definitely going to recommend Rolly to anyone looking for a new family member.


Blake – Pug

From Ms. Ramos
New home for Teddy the Shih Tzu
My husband and I are so in love with our new puppy.
I’m so grateful to April for all the support and the time she took to find me the perfect puppy. 

She was available at all times and would answer all my questions.
I can’t thank her enough.

If you are looking for the perfect teacup puppy, do not hesitate to contact Rolly Teacup Puppies : ) 

Teddy – Shih Tzu

From Ms. Katalin
New home for Liloo the Frenchie
We purchased a cream frenchie girl from April, and could not have been more pleased. She helped us select our puppy and sent us photos and videos until we got her in our hands. Our little Liloo is a happy, healthy baby who is got a great personality! Just as we could see on pics and videos! Life is so much sweeter with her! 
We weren’t the easiest buyers, but April was awesome with answered all our questions, and gives advice before and after we got the puppy.Everything went so fast and smooth, thanks for April! I highly recommend Rolly teacup puppies for everyone who would be an owner of a unique, healthy, super sweet little furbaby!

Liloo’s family 

Liloo – French

From John & Ha
New home for Ruby the Frenchie, Special Order


 If you’re looking for the most beautiful, premium, top quality puppy, You won’t find a better supplier then Rolley Teacup Puppies. We found them on Instagram and after we had decided on what breed of puppy (French Bulldog) we wanted we had contacted RTP and got a response from April. We had made a special order and made a deposit so that we could get our pup sooner rather then later. She contacted us as soon as our puppy was available and walked us through all the steps we needed to take to get our pup. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and our puppy. We adore the newest member to our family and we owe all of it to April and RTP, we are so happy to have our little Ruby. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and/or family if they ever wanted a pup like mine. Thank you so much!

With Love,

John and Ha

Ruby – French

From Ms. Yon (From New York)
New Home for ‘Zio’
Our family is elated with the arrival of our new puppy! We couldn’t have asked for a cuter addition to our family. The team at Rolly TeaCup Puppies was very attentive before. during, and after the arrival of our puppy, answering any and all questions at all hours of the day! Their customer service is truly superb! Thank you so much Rolly TeaCup Puppies for the most precious addition to our family 🙂

Zio – Yorkie

From Ms. Martinez (From Round Rock, TX)
New home for Dexter (Now Maui)
All I have to say we absolutely LOVE MAUI aka dexter (our English bulldog pup)!!!

I purchased him with no doubt because I fell in love with him… 
Next day, I had family and friends telling me,” What was I thinking and that I just got scammed!!” 
It was so funny because I started txting April early in the morning telling her that this place was a scam and etc.

April ROCKS for going above and beyond for showing me this company is real with so many documents. 
Now, I actually felt bad because this company is totally legit. 

Thank you April for everything and having patience for my craziness and answering every question I had.

I would highly recommend ROLLY 100% 
Our pup got checked out through a vet and MAUI is healthy as he can be. 
Don’t believe every negative comment you read out there. 


Dexter – English B

From Ms. Quesada, Review submitted on 01/09/2017
New Home for Cherry (Renamed to Coco)
Hello April! here is my review, sorry for taking so long! and thank you sooooo much for everything 🙂 
Made my deposit online on December 17th, 2016. Rollypuppies was so professional from the start. From that moment they asked me where and when I wanted my puppy to be shipped. They were so helpfull with the entire process, April told me exactly what to do step by step and how to take care of the little one once I got her. She was available on the phone 24/7 to guide me through the whole process.

My puppy arrived December 21st,  just 4 days after I had made my depost! unbelievably fast. I wanted to have her before christmas and April made sure to make that happen.

The process was so easy, I went to Korean air cargo counter. Coco came in a kennel with her water and food taped on the top of the kennel. Customs signed my paperwork and the puppy was ready to go home with me.

I thought the puppy would be scared or tired after such a long flight, but she was already being herself, barking and playing with me. She was already potty trained which made it so much easier for me. She was already eating dry food too! which is amazing for such a little puppy. 

Everyone thinks that small puppies are more likely to be ill, but I took her to the vet, and of course the puppy is 100% healthy and all shots up to date.
Coco is such a sassy and playfull puppy, its amazing how such a tiny dog could have such energy. 

Up until today, April checks on Coco and guides me with any doubts, concerns or questions I might have. April is amazing and there isnt enough words to describe her professionalism and how greatful I am of having done business with her.

 If you want a healthy teacup puppy, Rollypuppies is the answer. Honestly, the best dogs are from Korea, there is no doubt about that. People might think its a little pricey, but to be honest this puppy is priceless and I would buy her over and over again. 

There is no doubt I will buy my next puppy at Rollypuppies again. I am so happy that I found Rollypuppies and so lucky to have Coco in my life.

Coco – Poodle

From Huff Family (Veterinarian in Florida)
New Home for Champion Bloodline French Bulldog ‘Lexy’ (Click for Video)
I can’t say enough great things about April and RollyPups Inc! We just got the most adorable, sweet, snuggly, intelligent, and healthy French bulldog imaginable! I was concerned about purchasing a puppy online, but April made the process very easy and carefree. She answered all of my questions without hesitation and did so in a timely manner. We were so delighted when we received Fergie! She was just such a beautiful, happy, and well-trained puppy! And she fit right in with my entire family-humans and pets 🙂 Thank you for your caring and professionalism-RollyPups Inc and April were a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in the future to purchase another puppy from this company-they were true to their word 🙂

Lexy – French

From Ms. Ramzan

New Home for Fiona (Click for Video)

Fiona – Shih Tzu

From Ms. Julie
New Home for Amelia (Click for Video)
Gigi (Amelia) arrived yesterday. A little scared but absolutely understandable after such a long trip. She is absolutely amazing and cuter than we could of even imagined. Thank you for our newest edition to the family. We couldn’t be happier and more excited. She is a little gem. In the future we will definitely be getting her a sister from Rolly Teacups! Thank you for all of your help!

From Mr. Yi
New Home for Vanilla
Hi April, this is Eric Merry Christmas and happy new year!!! Here’s the review

Rolly teacup is the best place to get healthy teacup puppies. We placed the order with April over the phone, and Vanilla arrived in less than two weeks. Vanilla is sure cute, tiny and healthy. She is a very good girl. she likes to run and play with our daughter. We all love this new family member. April is very nice and helpful, she answered all of our questions. She also helped us on how to take care of Vanilla after we received her. We highly recommended rolly teacup puppies to our friends and family.
Thank you, Rolly teacup and April!

Vanilla – Pomeranian

From Ms. Ariel
New Home for Mason (Click for Video)
Mason is the best dog ever. He is the cutest ever. He has the best temperament. We all truly adore him and he is in great care. The best addition to our family.
Is this the usual temperament of teacup multese? He is a dream dog. Happy, quiet, at the same time playful, also he has definitely been potty trained to go on the pad. Also social and friendly.

Mason – Maltese

From Famous Lawyer Gary Martin Hays
New Home for ‘Penny’
My family LOVES our little Pomeranian, Elsa! We cannot say enough great things about the people at Rolly Pups, the service and assistance they provide, or the tiny little fur balls they deliver.
Do not hesitate to buy from them. You will be overjoyed with the puppy. I highly recommend Rolly Pups!

Penny – Pomeranian

From Finnegan Family
New Home for ‘Diego’ (Click for Video)
Thank you so much for bring us Diego! He is the sweetest, most cuddly puppy ever. Working with you guys was so easy, April & Ji were there to answer every question we had. My husband & I felt so comfortable with you guys. They managed to send Diego out a few days early to accomodate our schedules, and when he came off the plane he was happy as could be. He loves to snuggle and is so curious and excited about everything he sees. He has very good manners, and is already pad trained. We love him very much and are so thankful for your help in recieving this precious little guy.

Diego – Chihuahua

From Wilms Family
New home for Yoshi (Click for Video)

“Yoshi is the cutest little thing! We are so happy with the service this very reliable company provides. They go the extra mile, from answering every question (and I had lots of them) to sending the puppies super safe to their new homes. Thank you all, especially April and Ji, who were the best!!!”

Julia & Walter Wilms

Yoshi – Shiba

From Mr. Illescas
New Home for ‘Annie’ (Click for Video)
To say I was skeptical about purchasing a dog from Korea, was an understatement. But as soon as I saw Pumpkin’s (Annie’s) photo, I knew she had to come and live with us. I did a lot of research and I reached out to April and asked many questions. Rolly Teacup Puppies and April were extremely patient with me, and I felt more and more comfortable about making the purchase. From the very beginning to the moment that the puppy was put on the plane, April was in contact with me.

It was nerve racking waiting for the puppy to arrive at the airport. But after a quick stop at customs and some paper work, she was finally released to us and we could not have been happier.

We are not new to the breed of Pomeranian. And Pumpkin is absolutely perfect. From the moment we let her out of the crate at the airport she has been active, loving and playful. This dog was clearly well cared for and socialized. She is not afraid of people or my other pets. She immediately acclimated to her new home.

Some things you may have questions about: Will the dog be ok flying so far? Yes. Our dog arrived safe and healthy. She came in a small animal cage with a water dispenser and food taped to the crate. Was it hard to get the dog through customs? No. It was just a matter of a Customs Agent verifying that the dog’s paperwork and shots were all up to date. After that they release the dog to you. Will it be hard to communicate with someone from Korea? No, not at all. All our communication was seamless and easy.

The process was so easy that I’ve already told April that when we are ready to get Pumpkin a sister, we will reach out to Rolly Tea Cup Puppies to help us find her. I can’t say enough great things about the puppy or the service that we have received.


Annie – Pomeranian

From Mr. Illescas
New Home for ‘Gus’ (Click for Video)
Thanks so much for helping us find Gus!  We are dog people and have always had them in our lives, but even we were amazed at his fantastic demeanor.  He is loving and well behaved and more than we had hoped for in a new family pet.  As our daughter’s birthday gift, he has far surpassed our expectations and brought us so much joy.  He is happy to play when she wants to and to just sit and cuddle if that suits her as well.  We are so glad we did our homework to find Rolly.  There is no comparison between your service and any other source we looked at.  We were pleased with the process and happy to see he arrived just as planned with no stress from his journey.  He is definitely not the last dog we will purchase from Rolly.  Many thanks!

Gus – Chihuahua

From Ms.Michelsen (From LA)
New Home for Bambi (Click for Video)

Bambi – Poodle

From Ms. Michele (From Belgium)
New Home for ‘Peanut’ – Chihuahua

Peanut – Chihuahua

From Ms. Wong (From Vancouver)
New home for Millie (Special Order)
OMG!  It is real. My dream puppy is now a new additional to our family!!!!

I have been longing for a red poodle for years.  I searched for many places and none of those places had given me the excitement for inquiry.  Until I saw a video clip of a red poodle from RollyTeacupPuppies on IG and I immediately had to ask.  Of course, that puppy was sold so quickly that I had to special order one.  April was very helpful but that 2 weeks wait for her to search for my ideal puppy seemed so long.  I was a little hesitated at one point for buying a puppy online but I am sooooo proud of myself for sticking to my instinct.

April is very responsive, reliable, knowledge and thoughtful for all my questions/concern.  MILLIE arrived in a pink cage with clear labels and documents, inside the cage was a hanging bottle of liquid and the cage was lined neatly with wee pads.  She even attached some of the puppy food outside the cage.

Millie is a very healthy and happy puppy.  She is so tiny and gorgeous, totally draws big attention wherever I go with her.

I am so glad that I waited ’til I found ROLLYTEACUPPUPPIES.  I would highly recommend anyone with the puppies there. 

Millie – Poodle

From Ms. Barron (From LA), 
New Home for Pomeranian – Pomeranian

Cassy – Pomeranian

From Ms. Goldblatt (From New York)
New Home for ‘Cory’ (Click for Video)
We are so grateful to April and Rolly Teacup Puppies for our sweet and adorable Cory.  He has brought immeasurable love and joy into our house.  For many years, my children had been begging me for a dog.  I was concerned about the responsibility and my answer was always – NO.  This summer when my daughters showed me a photo of Cory on the Rolly Teacup Puppies website – I could not resist.  I was skeptical about buying a dog from Korea and doubtful about claiming a dog at the airport after such a long journey. Yet the process was well organized, clear and much simpler than expected.  April could not have been more patient with my thousands of questions – this is no joke.  I was texting and calling and texting many times each day.  April was understanding and supportive.  It was she and her commitment which allowed me to move forward with the whole process.  And now Cory is talk of the town.  Everyone wants to meet him.  My family adores him. My friend who is a dog trainer says – “Cory is the cutest dog I have ever seen.”   Thanks and gratitude to April and Rolly Teacup Puppies for our bundle of joy!!!! .
From Mr. Comstock (From Pheonix)
New Home for ‘Jack’ (Click for Video)
I have been wanting a french bulldog for a few years now but was waiting for the right time and wanted to find the perfect dog.  I happened to come across Rolly Teacup puppies on instagram and fell in love with every dog that was posted! April was amazing in answering all my questions I had about the puppies very promptly.  When she posted a video of the white mini frenchie named Jack, I couldn’t resist and bought him.  The process to get him was seamless and my puppy is hands down the cutest little guy in the world.  I couldn’t be happier! I get stopped by everyone asking me where I got him.  And not only he is a cutie, he is the most well behaved puppy I have ever had.  He sleeps through the entire night in his crate, never cries, gets along with other dogs and humans.  I am so grateful that I got him.  I can’t speak highly enough of Rolly Teacup Puppies and I can’t wait to get another puppy sometime in the near future!!!
Thank you,